How do I Handle a Probate House?

When you’ve had a friend or family member that has just passed away, the last thing you want to be worrying about is their house that has just gone into probate. Unfortunately, this is the plight of one too many homeowners across the country, most of whom have never even heard of a probate house before. This article will help you to understand what a probate house is and how you can best handle the situation of caring for one.

Keep Up with Maintenance

Your first responsibility will be to keep up with the maintenance of the home. Chances are that it is dirty and disorganized after the passing of its owner. Make sure that you take the time to keep the home clean. This cathartic process will not only maintain the value of the home, but it can also provide you with healing and clarity. You should also consider paying for at least some of the utilities. This will give the house a lived-in look, dissuading anyone from breaking and entering.

Get Legal Help

Your next important step will be to get legal help with regards to the probate house. A house in probate isn’t legally owned by an individual because it hasn’t been passed down as inheritance through proper legal methods such as a trust or will. If you or anyone wants to gain legal ownership of the house in probate, you will need to visit probate court. Probate court is full of attorneys that will help you through the process of gaining legal ownership of the house. This process can take months, or even years depending on where you live.

Sell the Home for Cash

If you don’t have the ability to maintain the home long term, or don’t want to visit probate court for months on end, you should consider selling the home in probate. There are a few specific kinds of buyers that will buy probate homes, namely cash buyers and home buying businesses. These buyers will purchase the home in its current state without repairs or renovations. They won’t require you to list your home, and they’ll pay you in cash for the property. This process of selling the home would be the quickest solution to your plight of the probate house.

So, if you ever find yourself with a probate house to take care of, don’t forget what you’ve learned in this article. Remember to keep up with maintenance, get legal help, and consider selling the home for cash. These steps will help you to regain financial freedom and figure out which option will be best for the former home of your friend or family member.

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